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          Chinapont Powder Coating Co.,Ltd is professional company working on the research,manufacture,market of thermosetting powder coating.Our company is starting to manufacture powder coating since 1998 year, Chinapont former name is Xinchang Tongzhi Powder Coating Co.,ltd. Chinapont got the followi- ng honor certificate from the government:Medium-sized Technology oriented Enterprises from Zhejiang province.Hinh-tech Enterprise from Shaoxing city;

          Chinapont powder coating is one of 10 famous brand in powder coating from Zhejiang province;Credit level is AAA;The manufacturing capacity and sale valum is in the top of Zhejiang province. Chinapont already developed and manufactured 5 series and thousands of types powder coating,such as: Pure epoxy,pure polyester,epoxy/polyester, polyurethane and acrylic acid resin.Chinapont power coating is widely used in the following field:kitchen applicance,home applicance,auto parts,textile machinery,traffic facilities,hardware,lamps and outdoor furniture and so on.

          Chinapont invest around USD10,000,000 and 8000 m2 plant area.Our capacity is around 5000 every year tons.Chinapont has the following certificate: SGS,Rohs,UL,and ISO9001-2008.

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